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Love crosses boundaries between distant cultures. Love builds walls to protect, cradle and contain. Love has talons. It can rend the heart and break the mind. How do we stand it? How do we stand without it? In these four tales of Sapphic desire, women from different backgrounds come together in love’s embrace, to stand or fall, in doubt and fear, in hope and yearning.

While challenging life abroad in the outskirts of Nagoya, Japan, a young woman forges a friendship with her student that grows in unanticipated directions in Connection.

Among the heat and bustle of a Tokyo suburb, In Tender Arms, a woman has her love and her limits tested when her lover presents her with a proposition that is beyond the pale.

In My New Girlfriend, a chance encounter in a movie theater lobby brings a woman together with an old antagonist, first in friendship and then in love.

And on a rain-soaked Sunday Afternoon, trapped in the house with nothing to do, a conflicted young woman meets with a capricious lover, whose mind games oscillate between the playful and the pernicious.

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