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The Reluctant Damsel in Distress

25 pages22 minutes


Both Annabel and Gavin find their lives changing the moment they dramatically meet after Gavin nearly runs her over in the middle of the road!
Gavin insists on taking Annabel home after she is shaken by the event, and there, he is met by her matchmaking mother just before finding out on the same visit that Annabel is in need of much help as the bailiffs in his presence give her forty-eight hours to pay off her debts to them otherwise Annabel’s possessions will be confiscated.
Annabel feels uncomfortable that Gavin is aware of her problem, but worse is to come when he takes it upon himself to pay off her debts, and she finds that she now owes him instead of the bailiffs and so is at his mercy!
Now Annabel finds herself working hard to pay back Gavin’s money, but even more difficult for her is her fight to resist the obvious attraction they share between them.

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