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Astro is Down in the Dumps

44 pages9 minutes


This fun and entertaining book, Astro is Down in the Dumps, was created to give children the skills they need to build resilience and cope with depression and anxiety.

Astro is feeling so sad and blue he can’t get out of bed. Then there’s a knock at the door... who could that be?

In each section, one of Astro’s friends drops by and tells him what they do to cheer up when they are feeling sad. Alfie paints, Stella talks to someone, Dotty listens to music and Digger eats fresh, healthy food.

There are worksheets at the back of the book for further ideas and ways of extending the skills presented in this book. As well, there are telephone numbers for direct access to helplines.

Written in verse and with stunning full-colour illustrations, this book is designed so that it can be shared in the classroom and at home.

All monies raised from the sale of this book go to sending a free copy to each school and library in the country.

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