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Zombie Pirate Children (A Witch Called Gwubbins Series)

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Gwubbins the witch sets off on an adventure in this irresistible yarn that melds magic and mystery with characters from the history books. Responding to a plea for help found in a bottle, Gwubbins finds a way to navigate through time and space to search for Pirate Children marooned on an island in the sea.

Gwubbins leaves home far behind. In her journey across the universes she must learn her destiny and find clues to locate the Pirate Children. With the help of a Professor in the magical land of Shambala she is directed to search on planet Earth. Gwubbins and her trusty friend, The Wonky Wizard reach England in 1717, but they learn quickly to hide their true identities, as it is a dangerous place to be thought of as a witch. Luckily they make new friends and learn why the Pirate Children probably need their help. Nebulous is an escaped slave who tells them his story and takes them to Liverpool to find a boat. The friends prepare for a sea journey, but it is the Wonky Wizard who finds them a boat, in a most unusual manner.

Once at sea they find that Nebulous, the escaped slave, has some magic of his own, as he helps them encounter a terrifying sea monster who wants to help, but is very frightening. Magical beings assist them in their quest – a strange hand and a special bird. With the help of these creatures and the master sailor they find the island and the Pirate Children, but all does not go to plan.

The Pirate Children are un-trusting and there is an out of control dragon on the island. These things need to be dealt with, but just as things start to work out, the pirates appear on the horizon.

Blackbeard, the most fearsome pirate of all is coming for the children and his booty – and he needs to be stopped. When the pirates land on the island there is much pirate talk and singing of shanties. The Pirate Children bide their time, then give Blackbeard the scariest night of his life.

This story includes words from original sea shanties and authentic pirate talk. There is a section at the end where the reader can look up the meanings of words spoken by real pirates. Also at the end there is a list of people in this story who really lived - with an explanation of what they did and what happened to them - especially Blackbeard and other pirates that are mentioned.

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