Phnom Penh: 20 Must See Attractions

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Phnom Penh: 20 Must See Attractions

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Phnom Penh: Discover the city of legends that date back as far as 1373.

Nestled at the confluence of the Tonlé and Mekong Rivers, the once renowned “Pearl of Asia” stands a testament to the human spirit’s will to overcome. Phnom Penh, a name that conjures images of unspeakable crimes against humanity, has been the national capital of Cambodia for over 550 years, thriving under French colonialism before losing its luster during the Khmer Rouge occupation. Much has happened since the city was founded about 1400 AD: wars, starvation, regime change, and today...a cultural revival and rebirth of a nation, and her people.

The city is now a hub of activity for this Indochina nation of nearly 15 million people. Phnom Penh, roughly translated as Temple Hill or City of Four Faces, is wrapped in century’s old legend and mystique. Home to an estimated two million Cambodians, the capital is rich in architectural design and variance, stemming from religious influences, both internal and external. There is much to see and do in this thriving center of antiquity.

World traveler, Anton Swanepoel, calls Cambodia home. He has traveled the country extensively, snapping rare photographs and documenting his adventures. The release of this collection of 20 handpicked attractions is the culmination of months, if not years, of exploration. A trip to Southeast Asia cannot be complete without a visit to this city. You will not come away untouched by its history or the nation’s most valuable resource...its people.

A Brief Synopsis of the Contents:
Concise, informative attraction descriptions.
How to best arrange your time.
Costs, and times best to visit each attraction.
Highlights: What makes the site unique.
GPS Coordinates to attractions
And much more...

Some of the attractions, featured within the pages of this practical and easy to use travel guide, are not available or seldom included in commercial tours, but they should not be missed; the Wat where Pol Pot studied, the shocking ‘Killing Fields’ and the Wat where Phnom Penh started to name a few. Whether you’re planning a trip or love to ‘travel’ from the comfort of your easy chair, this eBook delivers a unique experience that will stay with you for years.

If you want to explore the Capital of Cambodia, then This Book Is For You

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