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Let The Inner Child Play

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Let The Inner Child Play is a revolutionary personal development, spirituality and self help book that helps people not to take life too seriously. Too often many people are grown up with such limiting beliefs around money such as "money does not grow on trees" for example. Therefore, for many people, making money equates to working a hard slog in exchange. Not anymore. In your work and life pursuits, sure some hard work and "inspired effort" is required to get what you want; yet the author helps you to release that inner child inside that has been yearning to play for a long, long time - irrespective of what the economy is doing/where it is heading at any given moment. When the inner child is truly alive, manifesting abundance is easy and graceful. In turn, more abundance and prosperity is expected to flow to you in order to live a life of freedom and real choices as opposed to struggle. Case in point. Do you ever find someone on a high income, frequently unhappy and miserable in their life? Maybe even intimately? If this happens to be you, you've found the right book to help you get out of this rut and start living as opposed to merely surviving. The author covers the important areas of life where play is necessary. Work wise, it does not matter whether or not you're your own boss, or you work for someone else. It does not matter who you are, and where you live either. The author covers all major life areas you can work on in order to make playing in life a reality for you - including career, health and relationships to name. Best of all, these strategies are fun, and they do work when actively applied. The author has also been awarded a doctorate degree in psychology for this ground breaking research, where she applied such in the content of this book over and over again with incredible results. Go ahead, Let The Inner Child Play...

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