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Running: The Alien in the Mirror

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Running - The Alien in the Mirror can be considered the cyberpunk prequel to the military scifi Iron Series but might also be the prequel to other science fiction thriller series.

Ishmael Bodd 'wakes up' for the first time, a billion years in the future. He is a Citizen of Supercity, on Marstoo, far away from old Earth in the Universe. In his world, crime doesn't exist and Citizens only need electricity to live, whereas clones, who eat food and drink liquids, are banished to Clonecity.

But he suddenly feels compelled to commit a minor crime and goes on the run. He can never stop running until he has escaped his culture and found the reason why everything suddenly feels so 'strange' to him in this science fiction thriller.

If you like the Terminator series, Blade Runner or Greg Bear’s Hull Zero Three, you will love Running - The Alien in the Mirror.

Categories: science fiction, thriller, far future, clones, androids, cyborgs, time travel, genes, genetic engineering, military science fiction.

Read more about the Ischians' war with Earth and blankers in Iron I: Too Bright the Sun, also available on Smashwords.

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