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The Color of Silence
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AIMii is a state-of-the-art robot caregiver, ready for any medical emergency. So when Lucee, her charge, succumbs to a terminal illness, AIMii is sent to find a cure. But as the AI struggles to complete her mission, she learns what it means to be a little girl’s best friend.

Based on today’s leading-edge medical technology, this work of science fiction explores super-silencers and exciting new treatments for brain disorders and dysfunctions. The Color of Silence was originally included in the Tides of Possibility Science-Fiction Anthology and was lauded as “compassionate” and “engaging."

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The Color of Silence - Mandy Broughton

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The Color of Silence

With loving dedication to the ONE who gives the words...

Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your sight,

O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14 NASB


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This is a work of fiction, however, the medical technology found in this story, super-silencers, is on the leading edge of exciting new treatments in brain disorders and dysfunction.


The Color of Silence

A Science Fiction Short Story

By Mandy Broughton



Mandy Broughton

Dr. Goldoro leaned over the hospital bed. She’ll be dead in a week. That is, if nothing else is done.

AIMii closed her eyes. The AI longed to block out the conversation but couldn’t. As protector and helper to the family, she stood sentinel until needed. But this old threat was not one she could defeat with strength.

Lucee slept. Her mother petted her hand,