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101 Lifehacks - Easy Ways to Organize: Tips to Enhance Efficiency, Stay Organized, Make friends and Simplify Life and Improve Quality of Life! (

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Did you know wearing a 'Yelp' shirt to any restaurant is bound to get you excellent customer service?

Or did you know spinning a wet towel around a room for one minute is enough to get rid of the nasty cigarette smoke?

What is a life·hack?


a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

Do you want to know how you can easily organize your life by utilizing small changes?  It's true, and it's easy.  Found in this book is a collection of useful and thought-provoking tips ranging from saving money to technological short-cuts that can help improve your life!

Start making improvements and WOW-ing your friends and family by utilizing the tips found in this book today!


• How to make friends : An easy way to make friends is to go out with a big umbrella on a rainy day and to offer shelter.

• Simplifying Life: To get faster Customer Service, you can call the desired number and choose Spanish as languange option -the queue will definitely be shorter there and the operators will know English too.

• Random Tips: Spinning a wet towel around a room for one minute is enough to get rid of the nasty cigarette smoke....and more!


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