Desire Among Thieves

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Desire Among Thieves

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 62 pages59 minutes


Chyna's sister was killed after she took on a dangerous job. She was heartbroken over her boyfriend leaving her. Later, when Chyna has to opportunity to take her sister's place, Chyna accepts. The only problem is, her partner in this dangerous assignment is none other than Neko Long, her sister's ex. Chyna hates his guts but can't deny how she's always been attracted to Neko.

When Neko Long, leader of a notorious ring of thieves and a lynx shape-shifter is caught at last, Neko is offered two choices--work for the government in a group named Bad Boys, Inc., or spend a very long time in prison. Neko doesn't see that he has a choice at all, but what makes matters worse is working with his ex-girlfriend's younger sister. Why didn't he notice before just how sexy Chyna Dawkins is, and how can he explain why he left her sister? Either way, he's got to keep his hands off Chyna and his mind on the job, or he could get them both killed. They've got one night to make everything right.

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