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Under the Mountain: Book Two of the Hawkridge Chronicles

255 pages3 hours


Colt Hawkridge, Orchid, and Anthony set out across the prairies of Akadea with Old Man Alder, helping to drive his drake stock to market, where they can place the treasure of Fort Hawkridge in the Great Bank and say their goodbyes. Orchid's mother intends to return with her half-goblin daughter to their noble family across the Golden Sea and Anthony’s lupus is slowly ending his life. But word of the treasure has spread. Colt and his friends have faced goblins and bogies together, but now Colt must face his most dangerous enemy yet, his fellow man. When bandits raid the caravan driving Old Man Alder's drakes and transporting their gold, it's up to Colt and the gang to recover their earnings in one final ride together.

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