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Fully Loaded

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His hair was dark, long, and straight. His eyes were as blue as the deepest part of the ocean, very similar to my own. The band’s bassist looked like a walking orgasm. His hair cascaded down like a black waterfall, covering most of his back. His eyes were on me, captivating me...devouring me.

Donovan Milano could have any girl he wants, but he singles me out from his spot on the stage. The talented bassist heats my body in ways that I’ve never known before now. With just one look, I find myself captured in his web of erotic desires.

I don’t see how a relationship with a rockstar can work, but Donovan doesn’t give me a chance to push him away, even though I try. Before I know what hits me, my life takes a turn for the worst and I find out that he may be hiding a secret.

When my health becomes something I can no longer ignore, will he stay by my side, or pack his things to go on to the next stop in his road to stardom?
50% proceeds from Fully Loaded will go to the charity, Star Treatments.

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