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Sex-Objects: a little book of liberation

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Sex-Objects: a little book of liberation.

How often have you heard feminists reproaching men for the sexual objectification of women? Nothing is more commonplace in the politics of gender as practiced over the last fifty years. The phrase ‘sexual objectification’ is invariably used negatively, in an act of censure to reprimand the perpetrator for a gross offence. In contemporary society it is taken for granted that sexual objectification is immoral and that it is a ‘male crime’.

This little book offers a radically anti-establishment re-evaluation of the concept of sexual objectification. It argues that far from being sexually aberrant, erotic objectification is an integral part of sexual desire. Far from being a social harm created by systemic political misogyny, it is a naturally occurring phenomenon which is found in all human sexualities. It is entailed in your own sexuality no matter what your own sexuality happens to be. Everybody does it, both women and men. People sexually objectify others, and are sexually objectified by others, in all sorts of different ways. It is simply a part of sexuality in humans.

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