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Tangled (Tales of Malstria, Book 2)

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A runaway in twelfth-century York, Quin scraps together a life from stolen trinkets and constant hope. His knack for survival keeps him breathing after he's nabbed by Leoric of Rensweald, a nobleman with generous intentions and dangerous needs. Quin alone knows Leoric's savage hunger and guards his secret with loyalty born of fear, ambition, and a strangled sense of brotherhood. Richly rewarded for his silence, Quin is content until Leoric adopts a girl named Amarys as his ward. As Quin falls in love with her, his precariously balanced life comes undone. When an ancient enemy of Leoric's pulls him into a quest for revenge, Quin must make a terrible choice. Harm the one person who's shared a selfless love with him, or sabotage the quest and face a more brutal adversary than he's imagined?

"Why do you live?" Quin is asked. Through his struggle, he begins to discover the answer.

Readers who enjoy the psychological tension of Stephen King's "Misery," the complex characters and lush settings of Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles," and coming of age adventures such as Robert Louis Stephenson's "Kidnapped" will want to read "Tangled."

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