The Final Superpower - A Bible Study Aid Presented By

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The Final Superpower - A Bible Study Aid Presented By

Length: 63 pages52 minutes


Bible prophecy tells of a sequence of world-ruling superpowers. These powerful nations and their rulers have dominated the world throughout history. The Bible tells the story of their rise to power and their fall to obscurity. It also reveals that there is one more wordly superpower to come before the return of Jesus Christ. This power was foretold millennia ago by the prophet Daniel, and it will rule with force and ferocity like none before. Its fall will come when Jesus Christ returns to establish the Kingdom of God—the final superpower the world will ever see. - Inside this booklet: - Introduction: A Snapshot of World Affairs - The Dreaming King and the Slave - The First Superpower - The Great Image in Nebuchadnezzar's Dream - The "King of the North" vs. the "King of the South" - Dual Fulfillment in Bible Prophecy - Roman Revivals of a United Europe - The EU: A Seventh Roman Revival in the Making? - Why Europe and Not the United States? - Why Not Asia? - The Final Superpower: The Kingdom of God
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