How To Train Children In The Fear Of God

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How To Train Children In The Fear Of God

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This practical guide book is written in other to remind parents of their responsibility to bring up their children in the fear of the Lord. It is meant for all parents who long to have their homes truly consecrated to God. If you do not want to bring up children that will become “area boys and girls” on our streets, and cult members in our schools, this book is for you.

Do you have a sinful child who is going out beyond the reach of your parental influence? Beloved, there is still hope, there is no case in which a child, now in Satan’s power, is beyond the reach of our Saviour’s Love and your faith as the parent.

I believe that this book will help parents to meditate on God’s purpose for their family. I trust that it will motivate parents to put the spiritual education of their children paramount in their minds.

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