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The Observer - Trilogy -: Two - Metamorphosis

Length: 283 pages4 hours


Book Two - Metamorphosis - continues the quest of Professor Michael Hart.
After his shamanic experience with the Indians of the Valley of the Kings, in Puebla, Mexico. Hart finds his life is undergoing a radical transformation. He will never be the same again.
Internal doorways that were previously closed, are opened. Light and oxygen come rushing in. His stifled male sexuality is reawakened by two women from different worlds.
His affair with Pan Am flight hostess Lois Strencke. Will end up saving his life. She rescues him from an FBI manhunt. And delivers him to California. Where he indulges in a unique study with second protagonist, Dr. Paul Navarro. A pioneering behavioral scientist and anthropologist from UCLA. Who has dedicated his research to sensory deprivation tanks. SDTs. And the hallucinogenic shamanic rituals of the Mexican highlands.
Their mission is to investigate NASA's Apollo space program. From inside the realms of the parallel universe.
The maverick team of Navarro and Hart uncover a grand mystery. And a deadly hidden agenda.
Hart attains the ability to remote-view top secret classified files. He follows the money trail. And learns that he space program is a deviously contrived hoax. Designed to veil the truth about the greater purpose of space research.
The Earth is being transformed into a revolving battle star. With space-borne nuclear capabilities.
How will these two men stop the rise of the Armageddon?

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