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Acting: From First Audition to Final Bow

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“[A] good book filled with awesome basics for someone who it just getting into the industry.”
~Rafal Cwiok

“A charming introduction to the world of acting. From preparing for auditions to learning about rehearsals and stage setup, this book includes everything you'll need to know for getting into the world of acting.”

“I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in acting. This books is a great introductory tool if you are exploring the world of acting. The author takes you through each step of the process and gives plenty of details, making it easier for the reader to follow along. He goes through words and terms that are often used when auditioning, rehearsing, and performing. This book will prepare any actor/actress for their big debut!”
~Deena M. Paglini

“The information is solid and the author is a director with 30 years or so under his belt, something not to be passed up.”
~Cy Wyss

Perhaps you saw the notice for auditions at your local community theater and can hardly wait to try out. Or maybe you’ve already been in a production or two and want to take your acting to the next level. Or you could be wondering what the director means when she says things like, “Cross up left,” “Pick up your cues,” or “Cheat out.”

If you are a beginning actor, this is the book for you! Here you will find the advice and tips that will give you an edge over other beginning actors. You’ll learn about stage navigation, performance space and how to develop a character. Here you’ll find the secrets of a memorable audition. Included are exercises to get you off your seat and performing. From the moment you first step “on” in a performance until the echo of your last line has died in the audience’s ears, Acting: From First Audition to Final Bow will help you nail the part.

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