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The Rule of Lachesis - Book 1: Awakenings

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A crack team of scientists is hired on the sly by a billionaire to examine a fragment of a nanostructure material—origin unknown. A microbiologist, a particle physicist, and a neurosurgeon develop a specialized laboratory to analyze the material and try to fathom its mysteries, all the while under the watchful eye of the British government without their knowledge.

The team discovers valuable information about the mysterious material, but in doing so—and in feeding it—they awaken something dreadful. Only after the death of their sponsor and the disappearance of their unique subject do they realize they are in far too deep and have only just begun to learn how to swim.

They find out all too soon that no one else knows what they have on their hands either, and that they may be the only ones who understand it enough to stop it.  Little do they realize, however, that they have set into motion a chain of events that will awaken some of Humanity’s oldest nightmares and wildest dreams and the outcome will be as unpredictable and varied as the fabrications that manifest along the journey.

Book 1: Awakenings is the first book in The Rule of Lachesis novelette series.

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The Rule of Lachesis - Book 1 - Jacob Garcia

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