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Kung-fu Heroes of Destiny

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Told across seven centuries and two books, Kung-fu Heroes of Destiny is the story of immortal heroes whose destiny it is to bring peace or destruction to the world.

The Hero of Destiny

The Hero Tree of Destiny is a Wuxia novel of ancient Chinese kung-fu heroes. Thirteen children are trained by the Taoist monks of Wudang, as well as a surviving immortal from the last flowering, and one grimy old beggar, to become the finest martial artists in the land, so that when the fruit of the Hero Tree finally ripens, they will battle to determine who is worthy to join the ranks of the immortal heroes of China.

The Dragon's White Eyebrow

Jon Lu is a disabled Marine veteran of America's Middle Eastern adventures. His best friend, Craig White, is a drifting slacker with a love for Chinese martial arts and Chinese girls. When their friend Tommy Toombs disappears, they set out to find him with the help of some unlikely heroes, including Jon's peculiar grandfather, Lao Ye. Their path leads them into a mystical realm called the Dragon's Dream, where they must confront a powerful sorceress known only as The Princess.

The Dragon's White Eyebrow is the second book in the Kung-Fu Heroes of Destiny series, which began with Hero Tree of Destiny. The story concludes with Lao Ye's Garden, where we discover how the Hero Tree of Destiny and the Dragon's White Eyebrow share a connection across 600 years.

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