Homemade Hummus For Health

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Homemade Hummus For Health

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Making your own hummus is a great thing to do. The results you get are far better than the bought stuff from the supermarket. Fresh homemade hummus is in a class of its own. In addition to this, hummus is a really healthy thing to eat. All of the fats and oils in it are heart healthy and there is plenty of fibre to keep your gut healthy. The protein in hummus can even help you diet.
You can make hummus really easily and it doesn’t take very much time. A blender or food processor helps but you don’t even need these especially if you are making a chunky style hummus. Learn the tricks to getting super smooth and fantastic tasting hummus that you just won’t want to stop eating. Once you start making your own hummus you won’t want to buy any from a shop ever again!
There are lots of different types of hummus other than the usual plain ones. You can add lots of different ingredients to flavour your hummus and this book gives you lots of hummus versions for you to try. Hummus is made from chickpeas, but you don’t have to use them. There are exciting recipes using a different main ingredient such as black beans and even edamame beans. Even more are given in the book.
If you find that you can’t eat some of the usual ingredients in normal hummus such has tahini, garlic or chickpeas don’t worry because there are lots of alternative recipes for you, where you can make fantastic hummus leaving the offending ingredients out.
You might think that hummus is only a dip, but you would be very wrong. You can use hummus in everyday cooking. In fact you could eat hummus all day and every day if you wanted to. Hummus can be a fantastic flavour enhancer in many meals from soups to pasta. In the book you can find lots of recipes where hummus is used to give flavour, provide healthy thickening or healthy creaminess.
Allergies are a worry with nuts and bean type products and as a result there are chapters to explain what to look out for, if you think you are allergic or have a food intolerance to normal hummus. Needless to say alternative recipes are given so that you can go on eating hummus without causing allergic reactions.
If you like hummus then this is the book for you. You can learn how to make lots of different kinds of hummus together with the all-important spice mixes that go with them. Get the book, whiz up some hummus, sit down and relax. You deserve it!

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