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Tinna's Reign

Length: 261 pages4 hours


There is cause for celebration in Thamatoc. Avria is getting married, Tinna has new child and she is looking forward to a nice snowy winter to keep her cozily tucked away from all the expectations and responsibilities that await her—at least for just a little while longer. But Tinna still has a destiny; a plan carefully laid out by the mysterious Keepers, and they are putting their plan into action with or without Tinna’s consent.

A great deal looms ahead for Tinna and her loved ones. A soul once thought lost, returns to haunt Tinna’s daughter Avria, bringing with him immeasurable pain; the Throne is fighting the transition of power imposed by the keepers and is causing ripples that are spreading out among the lingering human population. The Keepers appear to be willing to do just about anything to achieve their ends, whatever those may be, regardless of consequences—even if it means washing their chosen queen’s hands in the blood of the innocent.

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