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A Million Solitary Lives: The Iconoclast's Tale

Length: 39 pages32 minutes


A very pensive short story about life on the high seas as a sovereign fisherman in an alternative society where individual sovereigns are grudgingly accepted by the rest of society but only as contractual entities. These fishermen ride the tradewinds and seek out hurricanes as their most prized goals. They fish not for piscine prey but an even more valuable commodity. In this slice of life, we get a hint that their acceptance by society is tenuous and not entirely settled. The sovereigns themselves still harbor self-doubt about the wisdom of their decision. In this "Iconoclast's Tale" we see a slice of life of one first-generation sovereign, Thor Thorgildsson, and explore some of the hardships of a lonesome, solitary life without a country. What future tales may follow about those who do not agree with accepting his existence?

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