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A Samian Summer

Length: 104 pages1 hour


Sue Llewellyn is an affirmed traveler who loves to seek out new experiences around the world, but one place she is constantly drawn back to is Samos, a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea. At every available opportunity Sue and her partner, Peter (aka Mitch) return to the village of Paleo Karlovassi where Mitch's family originate from.
Paleo is situated high in the hills above Samos's secondary, and more attractive, port. It's population is small, ageing and remains quintessentially Greek. Life is quiet, laid-back and unlike the more popular tourist destinations on the island , the local lifestyle remains unchanged.
After travelling around Southern Africa Sue and Mitch moved back to the island for six months. Sue has written about her life on Samos and the colorful personalities that she encountered in a series of short stories. Her portrayal of the local characters are often humorous yet manage to evoke compassion and sympathy from the reader. The descriptions of Greek bureaucracy is often borderline farcical and her imagery of the island's beauty evocative.

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