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The Turning Stone

Length: 88 pages55 minutes


Swift Bow Barnet, who is called Bow, is nine years old and is of mixed heritage. He has been teased and bullied at every school he has attended because he is different. In his new school, however, he hopes to find a way to stop the teasing.

Bow begins by sharing a story passed down to him by his grandfather with his classmates. To learn more about the history of his people, he goes to work with his dad, who is an archaeologist. While he and his dad are spelunking, Bow has a chance meeting with an old shaman who shows him ancient magic and teaches him the meaning of ancient symbols on the artifacts in the cave. This encounter leads Bow to learn more and more about his heritage—and brings him a unique way to deal with the bullies who won’t leave him alone.

In this novel for middle readers, a young boy, with the help of a shaman’s ancient wisdom, learns about the history of his people and gains the strength to change his life.

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