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Japan! Regain Your Samurai Spirit: A Message from the Guardian Spirit of Lee Teng-hui, Former President of the Republik of China

Length: 194 pages1 hour


This book is the record of interviews conducted on Former President of Taiwan Lee Teng-hui’s subconscious [guardian spirit] in February 2014. His true thoughts, as well as the truth on modern East-Asian history, were revealed in these interviews. The book is filled with hints on how to give another thought to the causes of World War II. As it is stated in the afterword, this is a book which we want “all politicians, all people in the media, and everyone who talks about politics” to read.

What is a guardian spirit? What is a spiritual message?

Guardian spirits are the souls of our past lives that exist in the spirit world. All humans have a soul history of being born many times and living various lives on earth, as we are discovering so from past life regression which is a boom in America. If we interpret the opinions or feelings of the guardian spirit, we will find out the true feelings of the person.

A spiritual message is the act of relaying the message of a spirit by someone who possesses spiritual abilities. In history, Jesus Christ received the words of the Heavenly Father and told them to the people, and Muhammad received revelation from Allah and wrote them down – these are a couple forms of spiritual message.

By using his spiritual abilities, power of enlightenment and spiritual authority, Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science can summon, at his will, the guardian spirits of living people as well as the spirits of people who lived in the past and are in the spirit world. The majority of spiritual messages are publicly recorded in front of a live audience. Videos of these spiritual messages are made public, and the spiritual messages are published as books, too.

The spiritual messages of more than 200 spirits have been recorded by Master Okawa since 2010. Spiritual messages from the guardian spirits of living politicians such as U.S. President Obama and Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping, as well as from the spirit world by Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa, Steve Jobs and Nelson Mandela are just a tiny pack of spiritual messages that were published so far. Domestically, in Japan, these spiritual messages are delivering an impact even more on politics, news and public opinion. Since 2012, there have been spiritual messages recorded in English, and English translations are being done on the spiritual messages given in Japanese. These have been published overseas, one after another, and have started to shake the world.

Why spiritual messages are a must for the human race

There are two main reasons why Master Okawa is conducting and publishing countless spiritual messages. One is to provide the supplies mankind needs in order to think about the future of Earth. The path that humans should take can be searched for by revealing true history from, and judging the content of the ideas of, the spirits of past religious leaders, politicians and scientists. In addition, by disclosing the true feelings of leading figures who are alive, we can foresee the direction that international politics and economy are proceeding in, and detect and warn of the crises.

The other reason is to prove the existence of the spirit world. Sages of mankind such as Shakyamuni Buddha, Socrates, Jesus Christ, Muhammad and Newton all recognized the existence osf spirits and the spirit world in which God and Buddha reside. The spiritual messages series conducted by Master Okawa are making the most thorough attempt at proving the existence of the spirit world.

We hope that you, too, will read the spiritual messages series and find out the truth in history, what is at the depths of the current world affairs, and how the human race should be in the future. And we want you to awaken to the eternal Truth that your essence is an imperishable soul.

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