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Facing The Narco-Men

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This is a real world and this is a fiction. This is an adaptation of a real world phenomenon to a fantastic world.
This is not a clash of civilizations, but a clash of ideas.
This is not a normative narration, but freedom of viewpoints.
It doesn’t take it for granted, it demystifies.
If you want to understand the narco-world, you need to "Face the Narco-Men" first. You need to face Herodion, Coco, Mario and Essy.
Few people comprehend why they are trapped into a criminalized world and why they are not considered to be the privileged, as Alka and Sigge
Alka and Sigge are so lucky since they have their freedom. What is the thing that distinguishes them from the narco-men? It is matter of question.
The hunters are after the narco-men, trying the save the world from them. They think their combat is for the benefit of humanity. Or, should they just enforce the laws?
And the ordinaries... Everything is for them. The fight, the hunt, and also the escape... They want to make their own decisions with no interruption. Many times, they choose freedom over anything else.
Across the country, from New York to Los Angeles, San Francisco and more, the narco-men narrowly escape the hunters with the help of their supporters. However, the MOK, the AED, the ACN, the AKB and the CI are able to lock them up behind bars. Their mission is to save the world from the narco-men and their influence over the ordinaries.
People agree that "Facing the Narco-Men" is the first step for embracing the solution, that is if a solution exists.

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