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Journey of the Cheyenne Warrior

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Brave Eagle grows to manhood amid the constant changes and turmoil on the Plains in the middle 1800s, when the white man’s world collides with the world of the Native American. Is Brave Eagle to be a man of war or a man of peace?

Is he to be a fierce frightening warrior or a wise peacemaker?

Can he learn to adapt to the white man’s world, or will he be able to hold on to the rich traditions of the grandfathers?

“The Cheyenne Peace chief will smoke his pipe even though his children are killed. Journey of the Cheyenne Warrior reflects the history of their (the Cheyenne culture.” Harvey Pratt, Southern Cheyenne Peace Chief

“Though Journey of the Cheyenne Warrior is an (fictional) historical novel, the history has been extensively well researched.” William Welge, Director of Research, Oklahoma Historical Society

“The author describes important events and developments in Cheyenne history during the nineteenth century while showing empathy for Cheyenne people and their ways.” Dr. Mary Jane Warde, former Historian for the Oklahoma Historical Society

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