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Brokenness Produces Pearls

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"In spite of your past and current situation, your brokenness can produce a pearl"... In BROKENNESS PRODUCES PEARLS Vance and Rana persuasively and passionately, articulate a powerful, experienced-based message targeted to help you embrace the intrusions that have made a mark on you and your life. START the journey of creating the person God intended you to be. IDENTIFY the "parasites" within you that destroy and suffocate healthy thoughts, words and actions. BEGIN recognizing who "dropped" you. You're not who they say you are. SNAP THE CHAIN of everything and anything that has you chained down. GET UP, GET THROUGH AND GET ON... VANCE and RANA SIMMS are candid, caring and convincing. The courageous couple share a vision to see broken lives mended through the hope and Grace of God.

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