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Dancing Naked under the Moon: Originally Published as Balancing in High Heels

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Beacon Award Winner
Lories Award Winner

As break-ups go, Alissa Lindley's break-up with her husband, Thomas, was pretty bad. She's pretty sure it was at least as fraught with gossip and rumors as Nicole and Tom's, as public as Diana and Charles', as ridiculous as Burt and Loni's, and maybe even as tragic as Ann and Henry's. Ann Boleyn has the edge in Alissa's opinion because she actually dies while Alissa just wanted to. Discovering your husband's infidelity by being diagnosed with an STD can do that to a girl. This break-up leads inexorably to a break-down for Alissa, involving the very public destruction of a fax machine. (It really was asking for it). Alissa's left trying to find her balance again and feeling like she's having to do it in high heels.

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