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A Few Quiet Beers with God

355 pages6 hours


Set in Australia in the year 2031, this story is science-fiction comedy at its best.

When Dave, a hopeless but lovable 34 year old, meets Alexandra, the girl of his dreams, he feels as though his luck has finally changed. But due to his ineptness with technology, he tragically loses contact with her.

Meanwhile, the lust for supremacy of two powerful Americans ignites a bitter feud. Their fight reaches around the globe and soon entwines not only Dave and Alexandra but also a superstar football player nicknamed ‘God’.

Their final meeting precipitates an event that no-one saw coming.


Did you enjoy the zany comedy of Arthur Dent in "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", or Dirk Gently in the detective books by Douglas Adams?

Or maybe you liked the futuristic feats of Lester in Grant Naylor's "Red Dwarf" series?

If so, you'll revel in the off-beat adventures of Dave in "A few Quiet Beers with God".

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