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Sexy Healthy Grandmother, Healthy You Healthy Me

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Venus is a mother of three and grandmother of 14. She has studied natural health for the last 25 years and enjoys eating for good health. Eating for a healthy brain, heart, lungs, kidneys and liver, the body, mind and the soul, is thinking about the whole of the body. For 13 years Venus has been licensed as a skin specialist and for over 20 years as a natural health life coach. Her three passions in life are Spirituality, Family and Natural Health.
She believes that whenever you are sick or feeling weak, your immune system is weakening. She says our bodies are starving from lack of nutrients and physical challenges, and the foods we eat are mostly devoid of nutritional value. Our bodies need help. We need more of the green foods, foods with life in them, supplements to help keep the immune system healthy and strong. We need to exercise so that we stay in shape for this long life we are living. As we age our systems go through changes. The process starts the moment we are born and worsens as we get older.

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