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The Accidental Lives of Julian Landon

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ONE fine spring evening in Boston when Professor Julian Landon packs up all of his belongings in his office and prepares to leave academia at Boston University after a forty-year career, he can only imagine what kind of future awaits him. He hugs Tenley, his young, attractive assistant professor and friend, and exits the University. He intends to make a good start of retirement, planning to ride out his years by writing and not worrying about the encroaching forgetfulness that has been hindering his teaching during the past year.
But the future has other plans for Julian. And youth is one of them. Adventures abound in Julian’s unraveling lives, which are filled with passionate loves, mishaps, dreams, flying and foreign places.
The Accidental Lives of Julian Landon is a story of romance, illusions, fractured reality, tragedy and the quirks of mystery and irony that make less tedious the pathways and shadows of our human journeys.
It is a tale of fantasy and reality, interwoven in a visionary way that lays bare the mind’s tension between hopes and realness, truths and near-truths, and the logical and illogical.
And it is love that abounds and makes sense of it all.

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