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The Strangest Fantasy: A Banana Sister Solo

101 pages1 hour


What if Megan, a mortal Romance writer needing a quiet place to focus on a book deadline, buys herself a cottage in the Irish countryside? And what if a royal ‘glamour’ faery, who is serving a 1,000 year sentence for sexually misbehaving, lived unbeknownst to her, in the garden? When Megan arrives, Lukh, a prince of the Seelie court was sure it was a set-up to test his self control. He struggles to remain invisible and not touch her, as the sentence dictates, but Lukh finds creative ways to use his magic to secretly entertain himself and in the process, help Megan. When things get too close to the point of no return, the sensuous fun backfires. When Megan’s plans change, can he allow her to walk through the Veil and back to her world without ever knowing him? What if unspeakable evil forces are gathering to change the course of both of their lives?

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