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The Quinn Larson Quests

Length: 914 pages14 hours


All four books in one. From scheming sidhe to arrogant Druids, Quinn can't win in his battle to save the magical world from violent humans. Dead bodies and deep secrets keep this wizard racing to save the world and bring about an overdue prophecy. If he fails….

IMPERATIVE: A death in a dark alley. A mysterious bargain between a fairy and sidhe. Quinn risks his heart and his life to stop the coming genocide.

COMPULSION: Someone is plotting to free Fionuir. If they succeed, then war is inevitable. Quinn is stuck with an apprentice, and a curse on his sight. If he can't stop the sidhe from freeing the mad queen, then Cate's death was for nothing.

OBSESSION: Now the druids want Fionuir freed. Quinn wants her safely locked away, but he seems to be the only one. He has three students and a prophecy to juggle. No one knows what's coming, but it might be too big a battle for one wizard.

IMBALANCE: Quinn is losing faith. He's winning battles but losing the war. Keeping the fae secret from humans seems to be a cause destined to fail. Now he stands on the eve of prophecy with a teenage witch and a determined apprentice. It might not enough, but there is no one else.

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