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Centred Balance And Athletic Movement

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Excellent skiers influence their skis with very subtle inputs.
These inputs are often too subtle to be seen by the untrained eye, but have very clear and obvious consequences.
Most skiers attempt to imitate these consequences, without being aware of the subtle inputs that created them.
This is the source of frustration, fatigue and that ‘out of control’ feeling.
Once you understand the subtle inputs and use them for yourself, you will begin to create your own, excellent consequences.
At each stage in this series of books, you will discover exactly
what these subtle inputs are,
why you need them and
when, where and how to apply them.
Just as importantly, you’ll discover how to control them, shape them, adapt them and adjust them, so that they give you the control that earns you the freedom of the mountains.
Centred balance - your number one priority
There is a sweet spot on each ski, a place to balance, a place to be.
Your number one priority, as a skier, is to find this place on each ski, so that you can become familiar with it, balance upon it, press through it and pivot about it.
There are three questions that will help us get to grips with this issue:
Where is the place?
Why is this place so important? How do I get there?

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