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Google+ for Authors and Bloggers (Increasing Website Traffic Series, #4)

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You want to increase your website traffic and sell more eBooks – that’s a given. So how do you do it?

The answer’s with an effective content marketing campaign. And by effective I mean one that gets your site’s content out there without angering moderators and getting you kicked out of social media groups.

You also need a social network that gives you engagement, not just a few likes on a page and nothing else. Google+ is that network, one that allows you to grow and learn and improve yourself. Those are all things you need to increase sales and drive traffic.

This book lays out how you as an author or blogger can get started with Google+ and increase your followers quickly. That means more eyes on your book or your blog…and hopefully both! It's all here, updated and current for 2015, ready to help you succeed.

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