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The Fate of Holiness

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We live in a time of "cheap grace" with many Christians, having once received salvation for their sins, continuing in the "practice" and lifestyle of sin. Living their lives in disobedience to the Law of God written on their hearts, they have besmeared God's holiness. Carnality and worldliness have crept into our churches, and often we cannot find a distinction between the things of sin and the things of God because the two have mixed in an unholy adulterous relationship. What has happened to holiness?

This book explores the fate of holiness. Pamela Telgenhoff plunges the reader into Biblical narratives and contemporary stories that demand an answer to the above question. This book is a call to action, a call to return to God's commandments and live a Holy life before Him. This is a call to stop playing church and religion. This is a call to enter into a deep relationship with the Almighty Creator of everything through His Son our Lord Jesus Christ. The Fate of Holiness is a beautiful tapestry of exhortation to the body of Christ to respond to the cry of God’s heart to hear the call of the Shofar and to return to the path of righteousness and Holy living.

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