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Devon is happy in his Vampire life. He has everything that should make him happy; money, friends and adventure. However, he doesn’t have the one thing he has craved since being human and that’s a family.

His life is turned upside down when he rescues a young mother and child from a life of blood slavery. Keeping calm and collected has never been an issue for him. However, keeping the animal within him from taking over proves to harder than he thought when he wants nothing more than to devour Sara.

Sara has had a life full of pain and turbulence. Her son has been the only happiness she’s been granted. Thrust into a world of Vampires she only learns pain and suffering at their hands. When rescued by the same beings that she only knew pain from, can she trust that easily? It’s not until she starts to fall for the breathtaking Vampire that rescued her when she starts to worry that fate will tip the scales on her once again. For in her experience, you can’t have the good without taking the bad.

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