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Hezbollah is a coming-of-age novel tracing the lives of three women throughout three different stages of their lives as they and their closest friends contemplate a last-chance opportunity to recapture their faded fame and fortune. Tina Rivera, Isabel Carmona and Deborah Munson are the female protagonists whose past, present and future define the storyline of what might be hailed as a postmodernist classic.

R&B legend J.C. “Continental” Lincoln is dying of AIDS. He announces that he wants to stage a reunion performance at the Valley of Megiddo in the Middle East, the scene of the greatest underground concert of all time. In doing so, he is planning to sell the never-released video of the show for $100 million, with which he intends to finance the reunion show. News on the Internet goes viral, reaching the members of his opening act Hezbollah well after the fact. The grunge band members, twenty years older and scarred by life, are all in financial need but question whether they can draw from the fountain of youth one last time.

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