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Allegro For Four Hands.

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“Allegro for four hands” is a most sensual, soulful and extraordinary love story about feelings similar to insanity, life on the edge of reality and illusion....
Is it easy to ruin someone’s life? Why does no one but those nearest to us take responsibility to make important decisions for us? What will be the consequences of such actions and is it possible to escape the fate imposed by force? Is there anything that can compel a person to reappraise old values, to overcome fears and to find the way to one’s sanity? Victoria will be faced with many obstacles and she will have to develop her personality in order to become happy after all.
It’s a hurricane of emotions, a journey through the psychological state of a person, increased by deep internal conflict and a struggle with proper principals, a real world of music, glamour, backstage stardom and an incredible transformation conditioned by extremely strong feeling of love.
The book is written in the form of a diary of a young woman; her whole life appears before us on its pages: lost childhood, vain hope of realization of her wishes, secret dreams of ordinary human gladness... and later, a protest against her fixed routine, a meeting with true love full of tension and as a consequence—a radical change of her entire life.
These events are developing in various corners of the earth: Kiev, the French Alps, Grenoble, Paris, Venice, Istanbul, Jerusalem, and Miami....
The unexpected ending gives one something to think about and poses new questions to the readers.

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