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Pook's Tale Of Woo

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In many of the Pook Books the part of the eternal woman behind Pook is played by the lovely Olga. Some readers asked to hear more about her, so Pook’s Tale of Woo is mainly devoted to her—and her eternal mother, Mrs. Brown.

We see how the faithful and long-suffering Olga, engaged once more to Pook, is swept off her feet by the handsome, emotional Italian, Enrico, the dynamic lover who also becomes engaged to her in a tight threesome of who-woos-who.

How Pook deals with this situation in Italy, becoming engaged to Enrico’s cousin in the process during a romantic Mediterranean cruise on a munitions ship, is a revelation in the wiles of women when they collect their male.

Pook also tells of his early struggles as an actor, lecturer and writer for Sex International and the women’s magazines, and of his later struggles with his Producer’s wife in the film world.

Peter Pook has written such an amusing book that even Olga’s mother smiled when she censored the script!

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