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The Mythical Wormwood of Azbakar

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When the wizard uses his potion of wormwood to heal Papa, Froggy becomes infatuated with the transcendental powers of the drug and abandons his future, family and duties to become a wizard. He uses his powers in the Wizard Wars and aspires to become the Philosopher King with the love of his life Ms. Mousy at his side. What will become of Froggy, though, once the wormwood has him in its grip? After reaching a certain state, wizards die without taking the drug at least every few days. Such power ignites irrational fear amongst the animals and they start a war to destroy it, and in effect the wizards. The wizards react mercilessly and Froggy vows to form an animal rebellion to stop them. He assembles a motley crew of friends to search for the omnipotent, Mythical Wormwood of Azbakar in the hopes of defeating the wizards with their own medicine. Along the way, they overcome mortal dangers to save themselves and the world order as they know it, Sciurus falls madly in love with Jack E. Rabbit, Froggy and the sovereign wizard battle throughout all the dimensions of space and time, the Animal Army gains traction against their foe and Froggy pursues Ms. Mousy after meeting her in an alternate dimension.

Froggy’s role requires constant magic and as his addiction to the wormwood grows, Ms. Mousy is deeply disturbed to see the life ebb from the love of her life. He eventually finds a spell in the Ethereal Realm to break his dependence, but years later his craving for wormwood will not abide. On his final journey, Froggy faces near insurmountable obstacles that remind him of his mortal frailty and old age. Though he realizes his salvation lies with Ms. Mousy, is it too late to relinquish his craving for the wormwood in exchange for the happiness only love can offer?

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