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The Dreamers

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It has happened to all of us. We see someone who looks familiar and it drives us crazy trying to remember where we had met them or who they were. Often they resemble celebrities or someone we knew well. What if these ‘look-alikes’ were actually the person we thought they were, but we were certain had died? What if everything around us, the world we live in, were all in our mind and we were experiencing it after we had died and everyone who looks familiar to us is also dead and we are in their minds?

And we didn’t know it.

In a little town in north Alabama, in a house built in the 1600s, a belief that we do indeed come back from the dead and experience another “life” remains as strong as it was when the German founders brought it to America. A small group of people who shared the burden of dreaming of their deaths gather to discuss their experiences. Calling themselves “ Dreamers” because they all have dreamed they already died, they are suddenly visited by someone who not only validates their feelings but startles them with even further news.

“Dreamers” is the sequel to “Grove House” where it all began. It will leave the reader wondering whether everything described in these few pages is possible.

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