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This volume makes Adorno's lectures on the problems of moralphilosophy available for the first time to English-speakingreaders. It is one of several volumes of Adorno's unpublishedwritings which are currently being published in Germany, and whichwill be published in translation by Polity.

The book is organized around an account of Kant's moral theory, andintroduces most of the central topics of Adorno's far moredifficult work Negative Dialectics. He examines concepts such asthe primacy of practical reason, the relation between freedom andexperience, and the desubstantialization of moral thought. Theseand other concepts are discussed in an accessible and entertainingstyle which is very different from the rest of Adorno's publishedwork.

Problems of Moral Philosophy will be an important resource forscholars drawing on Adorno's thought, and its nature as a lecturecourse makes it a very useful and accessible introduction forstudents to Adorno's ideas about moral philosophy. It will be ofgreat interest to those working in philosophy and in social andpolitical thought.
Published: Wiley on Nov 5, 2014
ISBN: 9780745694429
List price: $28.95
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