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Eve The Soul Reaper: 1

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After the Queen of the Fairies is murdered by an ancient enemy. Raven the Fairy Warrior rushes to the small town of Wonderwood to check on Eve Summers, the dead queen's daughter. She's been safely hidden along with the handsome new guy in town named Adam Winters. The mysterious loner accidentally finds out he's Eve's protector.

Raven has no choice but to warn them of a sinister evil conspiring to rule their World.

The teenagers discover they've lived a past life together fighting Grim Reapers that has resurfaced in search of a powerful scythe that takes souls, which will give Eve the power to restore souls. Raven and trusted allies train Adam and Eve to fight their fear of losing everyone they love by the Grim Reapers creating an army of destruction on Earth and Raven's fairy World. If Eve doesn't stop them, all would be lost in both realms. It's an eternal battle between good and evil searching for the scythe. May the best reaper win.

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