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Intended for Mature Audiences. Violence, language and sexual situations.

A fatal accident befalls police officer Simon Heath while in pursuit of suspected criminals. A woman and her two children are killed and Simon is injured. After lawsuits and months of rehabilitation, he finds himself with his back against a wall. Now shunned by the police force and former friends, Simon is running out of options when a job opportunity suddenly falls into his lap.
Ingheist, a university located in mysterious Fallow's Down - a veritable magnet for the weird - calls him in for an interview and odd things begin to immediately transpire. Dark splotches of mold begin to appear in his home, spreading like mad and nearly impossible to remove, the odor barely tolerable.
The rules are different within the campus police force, each cop not quite normal. What unholy purpose does Ingheist have for him? Pulled into a web of evil and losing his sanity, will Simon realize too late that he must run and run far?

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