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Change God's Mind

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What should we do when we ask God a question and don't like his answer? What happens when we pray hard and follow all of the rules and he still doesn't answer the way we want? Glenn Berry knows exactly what this feels like. In this booklet, read how a very personal, private struggle spawned a new conversation with Father and a new understanding of what promises are waiting for us.

"Many, if not most, Christians never understand the concept of relaxing and serving our Father. This ebook is about that process. Please do not misunderstand; I believe Father is ALWAYS the Healer. However, I have found that when I relax into Him, His word, and His presence, it produces much more than all the frustrating ways I have tried to force Him to do my will. I have been purposeful in keeping this ebook short. For most, it can be read in one hour or less, but the truth contained here is of a much longer duration." - Glenn

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