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The Necessary Techniques of Obsession

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Mani Alves, the awkward kid with the undulating family life, has held onto his past love of golden-haired Alison Archer since primary school.
School is hell for Mani, the old man's mess-ups mean they move house constantly and it is only the friendship of his cool-kid cousin Jason that makes life bearable.
While he struggles to hold the candle for the now absent Alison on his journey to manhood, Mani scores outrageous success as a novelist and notoriety as a London socialite.
When Mani is confronted by the shocking news that his cousin is dating the dream girl of his youth, he goes to comical lengths to sabotage the relationship in the hope of furthering his own romantic ambitions, only to find his own life is disintegrating.
With his career in turmoil and his emotions frayed, Mani makes his move but can Alison live up to the perfect image Mani has created?
Filled with memorable characters and spanning two decades, The Necessary Techniques of Obsession will take you on a journey from Expo 88 in Brisbane to Barcelona, Italy and London while it disinters your very own first love memories, demanding you turn the page.

The debut novel of Mat Murphy, The Necessary Techniques of Obsession is an enthralling story of a young man's experience of love at first sight and how his obsession shaped his life from teenager to young adult.

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