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The Way To The Green Card

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A story of an innocent woman on holiday pursued by a wolf in sheep's clothing. A sad but true story that needs to be heard, it is written for men and women as they have to be informed and protected from such fraud. The deeper question that begs an answer is how desperate are these people that create such crimes against innocent unsuspecting people... Their fellow human beings? What causes them to do it? This book is thought provoking and a must read. This is a story that many have experienced but few talk about out of pure frustration and feeling of despair from no protection from the law. It's a story of broken promises, fraud and a transformation of a loving person into a demon searching for freedom from social injustice by harming another innocent being. A story of one woman's journey thru hell. It's a love story gone sour and social injustice. A book describing how two wrongs don't make a right.

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